Jasper Troy

New York City

My name is Jasper Troy. I am a male escort and professional companion for women.

Are you longing for connection, or something even deeper?

For years, I searched for connection and something deeper in life. I felt unheard, wanting more, even at times sincerely unfulfilled. I changed all that. Through years of therapy, readjusting my life to focus on my passions and desires, correcting my balance of work-life, removing toxic friendships and partnerships, I now stand before you in a state in which I am fulfilled and living my fullest life. What has been the most impactful means of that change? Connection. 


Regardless of what you are searching for, I can promise you one thing, I am just a guy. A guy who can listen with passion, share stories from traveling around the world, make you feel heard, laugh with you, accompany you on adventures, and most importantly, make you FEEL CONNECTED.


I am Ivy League educated and worked in several different industries. I am incredibly cultured, having spent six years traveling around the world and living in different countries. My two biggest passions are photography and high alpine treks. Through my years wandering, I found a niche as a professional Dom within the BDSM community in London. Now planted in New York, I am a professional escort and companion, continuing to seek connection and find the deeper meaning of life.


Reach out and let me show you how much you deserve a real gentleman in your life.


NYC Male Escort and Companion

Escort Experiences

Based in NYC, I am available for events, trips to museums, dinner, and/or any activities in which you desire companionship. I can travel to you, or with you (*with advanced notice). Let’s go on an adventure together!

My suggested donations are purely for my companionship time. We may choose to be intimate with one another, with your full enthusiastic consent, or take things slow, all based on how you feel. 

NYC Male Escort for Women