Escort Experiences

Below is a list of my available services. Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like a unique experience, not listed here, and curated just for you. I will try my best to accommodate your request. Some activities in which I enjoy are attending private events, art galleries, photography exhibits, museums, getting pampered together at a spa or hammam, enjoying delicious meals with one another, shopping trips, any type of outdoor adventure, and traveling to exotic locations. I also love providing massages, which may include some basic tantra and sensual pleasures.


Please note, I do not offer any in-call services, meaning if we decide to have private time together, that must be arraigned prior.

Lunch Date


2 Hours

Perfect to get acquainted with one another and have a lovely chat over a coffee or lunch.

*No private time

Private Time


2 Hours

Enough time to connect and chat and have private time together at a location of your choice.

Evening Date


6 Hours

Enough time to get to know one another. We can enjoy dinner, watch a movie, go to a Broadway show, and have private time together.

Overnight Companionship


Up to 16 Hours

Let’s go on a date, galavant around the city, enjoy a glass of wine, and spend the evening together without having to worry about time.

Weekend Companionship


2 Evenings + 1.5 Days

Ideal for returning clients, two full days allow us all the time to luxuriate and relax while getting lots of quality time together.

Full Week Companionship


One Week

Whether it is a week in New York or we fly somewhere romantic, one week is long enough to dive into our passions, luxuriate, let me treat you like a queen, but quick enough that interests cannot possibly wane.

Virtual Experiences

In a world where Covid still exists, maybe you want to start slow and keep it virtual for now. This is also a great way to get comfortable with one another before meeting in person. Below are my virtual services.

Video Call


15 Mins – 1 Hour

Perfect to get acquainted with one another and have a lovely chat.

15 Mins – $100

30 Mins – $175

1 Hour – $300

Text & Video


One Week

We will have one week where we can text one another up to 30 minutes each day, and two hours total of video call.

Virtual Boyfriend


One Week

No limit on texting and we can do our best to get in a few video calls.

Video calls up to 4 hours total.

So…How Does It Work

Let me walk you through the booking and screening process of how this all works prior to us meeting. If this is your first time hiring a profesional escort and companion, you may be nervous, and that is OK. I was too in the beginning. The most important part of ALL of this is that YOU feel safe and comfortable, especially regarding your privacy. Privacy is one of the most important aspects for me, so if at any point, you do have a specific request to make you feel more comfortable, please let me know.

Read more on my etiquettes, with useful information and tips on security.


Please note, my donations are only for my presence and time. Any and all costs throughout our time together also must be covered by you. Additionally, if there are any travel costs, those will be covered by you, and I will let you know what those costs are prior to booking.


Look through my experiences listed above. Does something in particular catch your eye? If you are unsure, send me an email. When you are ready to proceed with a booking, step one is to complete my online booking application. This form will be sent to my email, which we will then continue to discuss our arrangement by email.



Once I have reviewed your booking submission, I will get back to you with some additional details on screening. Screening is to ensure we both can trust one another’s privacy. I totally get this part is where some people stop. I am NOT asking for these things for any other reason than safety…for both of us.


Screening Requirements:

A picture of you

A picture of your drivers license (personal information can be blocked out, as long as your face and full name are visible)

Link to your LinkedIn profile


Once all screening is completed, the final step is to make sure we both have a clear agreeable amount of time together. If there is an event we will be attending, or dinner, those details should be discussed.

While NOT required, I do encourage a quick 20-minute video chat for us to discuss our time together.

The final step to confirm the booking is your $150 deposit that will be applied towards your donation for my time. Deposits are non-refundable. Cancellations can be made 24hrs+ notice, otherwise the deposit will be forfeited.

Deposits to be sent by CashApp or Venmo only.